Hennessy contacted us in 2010 with a mission to document, explore and amplify

the brand’s various initiatives in the world of music, from its creation

in 1765 to present day.


Since then, 360 Creative has assisted Hennessy in defining key storytelling

angles and has produced numerous content pieces celebrating Hennessy’s

unique relationship with the world of music across the globe.


The storytelling tools we have created include a 300 page coffee table book,

2 exhibitions, and over 10 films.



Hennessy invited Thibaut de Longeville to document its 2010 “Hennessy artistry” event series, curated by Grammy award-winning band The Roots and trailblazing recording artist Q-Tip.

The concert series featured a star-studded cast of performers, including music icons Chaka Khan, Ron Isley (The Isley Brothers), Bobby Brown, Erykah Badu, Mary J. Blige and Ice Cube as well as hot new talents such as Jay Electronica, Mike Posner, Daniel Merriweather and more.

“The Art of Blending” Trailer

“Guest Curators The Roots & Q-Tip” Trailer

Thibaut de Longeville created an exclusive 30 minute documentary as well as 3 thematic features highlighting key Hennessy artistry concepts: "Guest Curators The Roots & Q-Tip", "Mixing Old School and New School", and "Blending Musical Genres".

Shot in a stylish black and white "jazzumentary" style, the film featured exclusive interviews, live performances and behind-the-scenes footage shot in Chicago, Miami, Detroit, Los Angeles and New York City.

“Mixing Old School & New School” Trailer

"Blending Musical Genres" Trailer

The 30 minute feature was only available to Hennessy artistry fans via an innovative digital set-up which allowed it to premiere on facebook in key Hennessy markets including USA, South Africa, Nigeria and India.

The documentary gathered rave reviews by film and music critics alike, and was celebrated as an outstanding piece of culture by fans throughout the world. The film was so successful that Hennessy published guidelines to have all its Hennessy artistry content shot and edited in similar fashion.


Film Poster

Title Card - Q-Tip "Excursions"


In anticipation of its 250th anniversary, Hennessy was looking to develop tools to communicate on its unique history with the world of music.

We conducted extensive research and unveiled inspiring and untold stories as well as never-before-seen images both within and outside Hennessy archives.

Using these newly-found assets, 360 Creative conceived and produced three unique storytelling tools : a short documentary film, a multimedia installation and a 300 page coffee table book.

Hennessy x Music – Film

Using both recent and archive footage, selected print documents and an engaging voice-over track performed by spoken word artist Aja Monet, the documentary film told the story of Hennessy's outstanding history with music going back to the brand's inception in 1765.

Produced in two formats (8 minutes and 2 minutes), the film was used as an educational and empowering tool for Hennessys regional marketing managers and was also included in a multimedia installation destined to travel throughout Hennessy markets across the globe.

Hennessy x Music – “Mosaic Installation” photo

Hennessy x Music – “Mosaic Installation” demo

The installation featured a selection of key archives testifying of the brand's involvement with music across all genres, going from classical music to rhythm & blues, jazz, soul, hip hop, pop, electronica and beyond.

The storytelling display featured 6 videos, 26 iconic photos, 4 exclusive print archives and 4 brand logos.

Using 3 panels, 3 television sets, 1 Ipad and several sets of headphones, the installation was fully conceived and packaged as an easy-to-build exhibition piece, available for any and all regional music initiatives conducted in Hennessy markets worldwide. The display could be adapted to each market by using alternate sources in selected panels, while always keeping the core items we felt were relevant for all markets.


360 Creative wrote, designed and produced a 300 page coffee table book celebrating Hennessy’s unique history with music, going back to the brand’s creation in 1765.


Authored entirely by Thibaut de Longeville, the “Hennesy x Music” book represents the most extensive research, compilation and selection of stories, images and archives ever completed about Hennessy’s unique history with music.


This 300 page coffee table book details the brand’s various initatives in the world of music from 1765 to present day, encompassing all musical genres: classical, jazz, soul, R&B, hip-hop, pop, electronica and world music.

The book outlines the unifying thread between all of Hennessy’s music initiatives throughout the years with the ambition to serve as a music marketing bible to regional marketing managers and PR executives across its markets.


The book also breaks down how Hennessy was embraced by recording artists (most notably hip hop artists), who have referenced the brand in over 2,500 songs, making Hennessy “The most mentioned spirits brand in music history” - a fact revealed by our research.


The book was presented in a luxurious cardboard casing printed with metallic red ink, in a packaging effort comparable to music collection box sets.


360 Creative produced a series of videos featuring brand ambassador Nas “chasing his wild rabbit” throughout the world, engaging viewers to be inspired by his creative endeavors and his affiliation with Hennessy. The look & feel of the videos we produced served as a template for all the Hennessy x Nas content created in 2013.

Nas - A Journey In Cognac - Film

Nas - A Journey in Paris -Film

Nas was invited to visit Hennessy’s Château de Bagnolet, learn the process of creating Cognac and enjoy Hennessy’s “Art de Vivre” in the brand’s Cognac hometown.

Produced in 2 formats : 1’30 (short) and 4’06 (full)

Nas shares thoughts about continuously seeking excellence as he gets ready to perform a sold out show at Olympia, one of the most iconic concert halls

in France.

Produced in 2 formats : 1’30 (short) and 3’25 (full)


Hennessy commissioned 360 to create an exhibition paying tribute to hip-hop in its own gallery space in Cognac, France. 360 proposed to host a photography exhibition with Jonathan Mannion, one of the most published and most respected photographers in hip-hop culture.

In collaboration with Mannion and his team, 360 curated the exhibition, produced 7 films to be used in the installation, and created all of the exhibition’s print communication assets.


Exhibition Photos

“Beyond The Covers” was the first chronological presentation of Jonathan Mannion’s work, featuring 50 exclusive prints selected by Jonathan Mannion and Thibaut de Longeville, the exhibition’s co-curators. As an introduction to the show, 360 curated a documentation space gathering hard copies of iconic albums, magazines and print publications featuring some of Jonathan Mannion’s most recognized work on the covers. The exhibition also featured 6 exclusive installations exploring Jonathan Mannion’s body of work through six key themes: intensity, creativity, pride, opulence, luxury and glamour. The show’s staging was managed by Soline d’Abboville and her agency Many Many.


Press Kit

360 produced 8 films for the exhibition: a portrait of the photographer, a promotional video, as well as a series of exclusive features exploring Jonathan Mannion’s body of work through six key themes: “Celebrating The MC”, “Honoring The Producer”, “Manifesting Pride”, “Representing Success”, “Flaunting Taste” and “Magnifying Beauty”. These videos were used in six “theme box” installations presented at the show.


“With their extensive knowledge and understanding of how music, film, photography and art can collide to provide extraordinary experiences, 360 Creative have produced some of the best representations of what our brand stands for.

Functioning as a dedicated partner to our global initiatives, 360 Creative has helped us crafting innovative strategies while creating tailor-made tools that have allowed us to communicate on both our heritage and our current initiatives in truly unique and engaging ways”.

- Julie Nollet

Global Marketing Manager, Hennessy



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