As a design studio, 360 Creative has built a visual identity program and a branding system for the event including logo, event signage, poster design, program lay-out and several other communication tools which have significantly contributed to the event’s global success and the exposure of its sponsors.


As a production company, 360 Creative has documented the event since its 2003 inception, producing event reports for partners like Jordan Brand, Nike and Orange as well as several feature-length programs distributed on DVD and broadcasted on various TV networks throughout the world including

BET, MTV and Canal +.


As a partner, 360 Creative has helped the tournament grow from a grassroots event to being recognized as “the world’s best-produced street ball tournament”, often referred to as

“the Olympic Games of streetball.”



360 created the event’s visual identity in 2004, starting with a black and red logo laid out with a 3° angle that has since become the event's signature language.


While the title sponsor went from Nike to Jordan Brand, 360 Creative coined the phrase “The international streetball championship” and made the logo evolve from its original “impact / rugged” look to its current “basketball smudge marks” style.


As the event grew and its communication needs started evolving, 360 Creative’s design studio built a visual identity program and a branding system including logo, event signage, event poster design, event program lay-out, film series poster designs, and several other communication tools which have significantly contributed to the event’s global success and the exposure of its sponsors.


The visual identity created by 360 has been conjugated in all print and digital communication relative to the event, as well as replicated on team jerseys, exclusive apparel and limited edition Air Jordans using a different colorway combination every year.


Thanks to its consistent visual identity program, the event has become a brand onto itself, recognized throughout the world as “the world’s best-produced streetball tournament.”


The Europe-only Quai 54 Air Jordans featured the Quai 54 logo designed by 360 Creative embroidered on the heels. These limited edition releases have had sneakerheads foaming at the mouth all over the world, with the Retro V “Quai 54 friends & family” topping charts at $ 7,000 at Flight Club and on auction sites.

This special make-up represents the first time an entity other than Michael Jordan himself was represented on a pair of Air Jordans.

360 was also commissioned by the event producers to create various series of Quai 54 T-shirts embodying the spirit of the event and its gritty and physical style of play.

Using bold and roughed-up typography, 360 coined the phrase "Bring Your Game, Not Your Name" that has since become the event’s signature motto.


360 has been documenting the international streetball championship since 2003, and has produced several event reports in partnership with Nike, Jordan Brand and Orange ; as well as 5 feature-length TV / DVD programs based on the tournament.


Over the years, our feature-length programs have been broadcasted on BET (USA), MTV France & Game One (France), Sport + (France), Canal + Overseas (Africa & The West Indies), Trace Sports and digital platform Konbini and have reached over 20 million viewers in over 40 countries.


With added production value every year, event reports produced for Jordan Brand have been shown on Jumpman23.com, relayed on numerous blogs and digital platforms and have served to present the event to a growing international audience since its inception.

Quai 54 - 2012

Quai 54 - 2011

Quai 54 - 2010

Quai 54 - 2009


Beyond managing the event's communications and producing its related contents, 360 has played a pivotal role in Quai 54’s growth as a brand and as a company by introducing innovative concepts to the event’s original formula as well as being involved in key strategic developments of its organization:


Beyond managing the event's communications and producing its related contents, 360 has introduced innovative concepts to the event itself and has been involved in key strategic developments of its organization:


- Fostering the relationship between Quai 54, Nike and Jordan Brand in 2004 and managing the partnership and its evolution until present day


- Co-producing the event in 2005, 2006 and 2007 and providing advice to event founder and producer Hammadoun Sidibé and his company Clef de Sol

  until present day


- Giving the event its international dimension by inviting 3x Rucker Park Champions Terror Squad to participate to the tournament in 2005, as well as

  officially dubbing the event “The International Streetball Championship” in 2007


- Initiating the concept of hosting the event at world-class parisian landmarks facing the Eiffel Tower such as Palais de Tokyo in 2010 and Trocadéro in

  2011, and participating to the politics of making it happen


- Obtaining the commitment from Jordan Brand to invite every year a Team Jordan athlete such as Chris Paul or Ray Allen to participate to the event, as

  well as a top U.S. entertainer such as Ludacris, Usher, Fat Joe or Fabolous to perform at this free event, interacting with both local talent and international

  fans on a grassroots level and celebrating the global dimension of urban culture in unprecedented ways


- Working with Jordan Brand to develop Jordan x Quai 54 footwear and apparel, making the event and its logo the first non-Jordan entity ever to appear

  on a pair of Air Jordans

"The folks at 360 Creative have a unique understanding and connection to both the game and the culture of basketball, which enabled Jordan Brand to create one of its most successful international marketing initiatives and brand partnerships in recent years with the Quai 54 event, content and products."

- Gentry Humphrey

General Manager, Jordan Brand


"The ultimate rendez-vous of sports, music and urban culture."

 - L’Équipe (France)

"The best week-end affair on any playground in the world."

 - Bounce : From The Playground Magazine (USA)

"Sports, Hip-Hop, street culture, live entertainment, style:

simply the best summer basketball event in the world."

 - Fade Away (UK)

"Quai 54 has become a brand onto itself."

- GQ (France)

"Harlem just relocated in Paris."

 - Libération (France)

"Thanks to its unique identity, Quai 54 is the only tournament

to ever get its own custom Jordan brand shoes,

and arguably the coolest streetball tournament in the world."

- Slam / Kicks (USA)

"With its iconic visual identity, its stunning videos and the support of

the Jordan Brand, Quai 54 has resonated throughout

the world not only as the juggernaut of streetball in Europe, but as the #1 destination spot for any fan of basketball, Hip-Hop and street fashion."

 - Hoops Magazine (China)



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