Founded as a magazine in the UK in 1996, and as an urban music channel in France in 2003,

Trace has become an international brand and a media group that operates 4 television networks,

and 2 radio stations while providing various business-to-business and business-to-customer services.


Trace consulted us to create a new corporate identity program and a new branding system

for its 4 television networks “Trace Urban,” "Trace Tropical," "Trace Africa," and "Trace Sports"

as well as its radio stations and products & services divisions.


Overall, 360 has redesigned Trace’s complete corporate identity, created distinctive broadcast

identities for the group’s 4 television networks, produced over 120 show idents and 60 special

autopromo idents, as well as easy-to-use templates for any and all of the media group’s print

and digital communication assets.

Trace was looking to achieve a number of objectives at once :


• To cement Trace Urban’s position as the #1 music network in France.

• To establish Trace Urban as the #1 urban culture television in its 140 international markets.

• To create an identity system that could be applied to every network in the group.

• To produce new idents for the 80+ shows featured on its 3 music networks.

• To produce ad breaks and autopromo idents unique to each network.

• To create the "look & feel" of “Trace Sports,” produce its 40+ show idents as well as its marketing tools.

• To elevate the networks and the group’s image to premium standards.

• To create coherence and synergy within the group’s global print, TV & digital communications.



In recent years, Trace had started using alternate versions of its logo, using 3D perspectives and various other stylings.


In an effort to reconnect with its history and to solidify the connection between all of the group’s media outlets, 360 Creative advised Trace to revert to its original brand logo for the media group and to create a set of a logos spawning from the same root for its television networks.


As a result, while the Trace brand logo has returned to its original design and orange color code, Trace’s networks and services are now identified by a new color cartridge system that not only differentiates the television networks, but also the various services and products operated by the group.


Each network’s theme is now integrated in each brand logo : “Urban” for the Hip-Hop and R&B music network, "Tropical” for the tropical music network, “Africa” for the African music network, and “Sports” for the network dedicated to sports personalities.



The branding system we have created has been applied to all of Trace’s networks, products and services, creating a distinctive and coherent family of logos that define the group’s new flow chart. The logo designs and the corporate identity program we have created for Trace Media has significantly contributed to strengthen the group’s image, unity and brand value.



While the trademark color of the Trace brand is orange, the four television networks are now identified by distinctive color sets : orange & purple for Trace Urban, yellow & green for Trace Tropical, green & yellow for Trace Africa, and cyan blue & black for Trace Sports.


Each network’s tagline is displayed underneath each brand cartridge, clarifying each network’s specific theme and editorial direction.


Every entity within the group now uses the Klavika typeface for all its communication purposes. The font conveys strength and coherence in all brand communications and also allows to create modern, dynamic and elegant typography displays.

Trace’s new Corporate Idenity Program does not only include the stationary, press releases, newsletters, b2b presentations, and digital communication tools, but also encompasses any and all print communication assets created for the networks, which consists of print ads, digital banners, OOH advertisement, T-shirts and more.


For every asset, we created the easy-to-use templates that allow Trace’s 50+ employees and contributors to communicate every day in a coherent and distinctive fashion to businesses and customers worldwide.


From music video credits to interviewee bottom thirds, by way of “coming next” features and on-air show promotions, all broadcast design elements use the group's typography and branding system by employing the specific color schemes created for each network: orange & purple for Trace Urban, yellow & green for Trace Tropical, green & yellow for Trace Africa and cyan & black for Trace Sports.


360 has produced over 80 unique, elegant and timeless black and white films to use as a prime material to create show idents. Each film uses an iconic object to embody the show’s core concept, or employ characters to tell a story relevant to the programming slot.


The black and white footage is punched up by color cartridges and bold typography features, that identify each show or its programming slot.


In practice, the use of color cartridges on black and white footage also allows us to create idents for any one of the networks merely by changing the color schemes used on titles.



Each on-air promo and ad break ident stands as a visual and musical interpretation of each network’s signature baseline: “We Love Hip-Hop and R&B,” “We Love Tropical Music,” “We Love African Music,” and “We Love Champions."


We produced specific idents and promos for each network using both stylized set designs, and exclusive performances by such talents as beatbox artist Rahzel, and South African supermodel Joelle Kayembe as well as various musicians, models and dancers.


To illustrate the networks' taglines and celebrate their respective musical flavors, we selected for all of their idents and on-air promos corresponding musical classics, rare gems and party breaks, confirming Trace's position as the leading TV network in the worlds of Hip-Hop, R&B, Tropical Music and African Music.


The 3 music network's audio identities include such odes to their genre as Common's "Used To Love H.E.R.,” The Roots & Erykah Badu's "Love of My Life,” Kassav's "Zouk-Là Sé Sèl Médikaman Nous Ni,” and Alpha Blondy's "Brigadier Sabari," as well as breakbeat gems such as The Honeydripper's "Impeach The President,” Billy Squire's "Big Beat," and Mark The 45 King's "The 900 Number."

We used the same approach for Trace Sports' soundscape, highlighting the parallels between the world of sports and music using mostly instrumentals from the likes of Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, Swizz Beatz & The Weeknd ; including notably West's "Champion" which has since become the network's signature tune.


Each one of the 60+ ad break idents and on-air promos we produced conjugates Trace’s branding system in a fun and light-hearted way. Each uses set designs and styling & accessories that match the color schemes we defined for each network’s identity.


Following-up with the success of the rebranding we’ve operated over their 4 TV networks, Trace Television commissioned us to create a series of autopromo idents starring south african supermodel Joelle Kayembe as the first official "Face of Trace," to be pictured in stylized settings representing each network’s editorial direction and its matching color codes.


We produced over 35 HD brand idents emphasizing Trace’s color coding systems while presenting Joelle Kayembe as the official face (and body) of the Trace group.



Trace also consulted 360 to provide art direction and design on a coffee table book celebrating the 10th anniversary of its “hip-hop and R&B”

-themed television network.


We created the logo, show ident and all the motion graphics assets for Trace’s “Urban Music Awards” television program, the first award show celebrating french hip-hop and R&B artists.


360 Creative produced a 400 page guidelines book destined to all Trace contributors and partners operating in its 140 international markets.


This publication detailed the specifics of each branding and communication asset created for Trace group, its TV networks and its various other outlets.


For every asset, we created the easy-to-use templates that allow Trace’s 50+ employees and contributors to communicate every day in a coherent and distinctive fashion to businesses and customers worldwide.


The guidelines enabled Trace contributors and partners to create synergy across the group’s print, TV & digital communications, thus reinforcing the identity and recognition of the Trace brand across the globe.


In surveys conducted by the network, 80% of Trace viewers indicate that they favor Trace over its competitors because of its original idents, its overall visual identity, and its broadcast design language.

“360 has created a sophisticated visual language for our networks and our brand that has helped us cement Trace's position as the #1 music network within the youth demographic in France, South Africa and several other countries.

360’s design studio has also created a smart and easy-to-use branding system that has enabled us to launch successfully and seamlessly 2 new networks in the past 2 years.”

- Olivier Laouchez

President & C.E.O., Trace Media



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