Hennessy Very Special by Ryan McGinness


event concept, print communication

We have been working for Hennessy as their dedicated global communication agency for the Very Special brand for the past 5 years, offering tailor-made services designed to perform in the brand’s key markets.


For the release of the Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition by Ryan McGinness, we have assisted the Hennessy team in defining key storytelling angles to market the release, creating all print communication tools to promote it, as well as creating event concepts and comprehensive production guidelines to be applied by local agencies in markets such as: USA, Russia, China, South Africa, Canada and more.




Concept + Creative Direction

Thibaut de Longeville

Book & Print Communication Items Design

Alexander Wise


Coffee Table Book

We conceived and created all communication tools related to the releases of the collaboration, notably a 100 page Limited Edition coffee table book including interviews, stories, original artwork and photography exploring the collaboration.

Press Kit

We also wrote copy for all press releases and designed the press kit as well as graphic templates for launch even invitations.

Deluxe Limited Edition Booklet & Coasters

In collaboration with the product design team, we developed the Deluxe Edition’s added features: a 32 page booklet sharing insights of Ryan McGinness’s inspiration and creative process, as well as collectible coasters featuring selected “Black Hole” designs, one of the artist’s signature creations.

Event Concept & Production Guidelines

Working closely with Hennessy’s global communications team, we developed tailor-made concepts for launch events, with the ambition to create sensorial experiences telling the story of the collaboration, bringing its key concepts to life and celebrating its release.


Our event lay-out included four distinct spaces, each designed to bring the collaboration’s concepts to life in vibrant and celebratory fashion:

Introduction Space + Creative Process room

The introduction space + "Creative Process" room, inviting guests into Ryan MCGinness’ signature "Elements / Compounds / Mixtures" process via a space acting as a replica to the artist’s studio.


“Black Holes" / Black Light / Bottle Reveal Space

The “Black Light" space, designed to feature Ryan McGinness’s signature “Black Holes" artwork, collateral installations and artifacts reacting to black light, as well as bottle reveal displays.

Celebration Space

The “celebration space" featuring DJ booth / stage featuring LED screens displaying Hennessy x Ryan McGinness graphics, 2 bars and a VIP lounge.


We invited Piero Pietano (L’Araignée) to work with us in conceiving and designing these environments and to produce 3D views, furniture references and other key items to be included in production guidelines.


N.Y.C., L.A. & Moscow Launch Event Photos

We produced comprehensive Event Guidelines to be applied by local agencies to implement these concepts in markets such as USA, Russia, China, South Africa, Canada and more.


In the U.S., launch events included performances by artists such as 2 Chainz, Travis Scott, Hudson Mohawke and DJ M.O.S.


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