Just For Kicks

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"Just For Kicks" is the first documentary dedicated to sneaker culture, and one of the most vivid testimonies of the impact hip hop and street culture have had on major corporations over the past

30 years.


"Just For Kicks" was broadcasted on Spike TV (USA), Canal + (France), Arte (France & Germany), SBS (Australia), RTBF (Belgium), TSR (Switzerland), Canal + Overseas (Africa & The West Indies), MTV Networks (Brazil & South America) and various other TV networks throughout the globe.

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Caid Productions

Program 33


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Canal +

Spike TV


Studio Canal

Image Entertainment

Presidio Corporation

“Sneaker Culture” Film Trailer

Tracing the origins of sneaker culture from NYC breakdancers and graffiti-artists in the 1970s through the style revolutions led by Run DMC, Michael Jordan & Spike Lee and the likes of Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Pharrell Williams, Futura, Stash and Haze, “Just For Kicks” demonstrates not only how New York street culture took over the world, but also went corporate.


Thibaut de Longeville

Lisa Leone

Motion Graphics + Print Design

Arthur King


“My Adidas” Film Trailer

One of the film’s most emblematic features is the story behind Run DMC’s “My Adidas”. The film reveals the unknown song which inspired the 1986 hit and documents how the rap group’s phenomenal success lead Adidas to grant the group a $1 Million deal, inking the first endorsement deal between a sports company and a non-athletic entity in history.

The film presented exclusive testimonies of the architects behind this global pop culture landmark as well as never-before-seen archives of Run DMC performing the song, addressing messages to Adidas executives and going on the road to promote their signature line.

“Stick-Up Stories” Film Trailer

The film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2005 and was selected in over 40 international film festivals including the Sheffield International Documentary Festival, Res Fest, Leipzig Documentary Festival, Amsterdam Documentary Festival, Urban World, San Francisco Black Film Festival, NY Latino Film Festival, Bangkok Film Festival and The USVI Film Festival where it was awarded “Best Documentary” and “Best Film” in 2005.

“The Sneaker Collector” Film Trailer

Filled with obsessive compulsive collectors, fashion victims and street smart players who go weak-kneed at the sight of a pristine pair of white-on-white "uptowns," the documentary is a must-see for every doorman whose favorite phrase is "no sneakers."

Run DMC “My Adidas” - Music Video

With the Run DMC x Adidas story playing such a major part in the film’s storyline, Thibaut de Longeville wanted to create a tribute music video to Run DMC’s “My Adidas.”

Choosing two distinctive verses of the songs, he enrolled graphic designer Arthur King and motion designer Laurent Henriot to produce two kinetic typography sequences which were to be featured exclusively in the documentary.

The concept was to create two original pieces using graphic components reminiscent of Run DMC’s iconic logo: the Franklin Gothic typeface and the red/black/white color combo. Edited together, the two verses created an original music video for a pop culture classic which never had one.

This labor of love (produced with no funding whatsoever) was embraced by Run DMC themselves, celebrated in kinetic typography forums worldwide and used by DMC world champion turntablists C2C as a veejaying feature of their on-stage DJ routines.

The video eventually took on a life of its own when “Just For Kicks” fans created their own tribute edit, using the kinetic animations as well as some of the film’s archive animations to produce a full-fledged version of the video.

Film Posters

We created two versions of the film poster, one for its Tribeca Film Festival premiere screening and another for its international DVD release. Both poster designs have since inspired countless website designs and brand campaigns.


For its France-exclusive limited edition release, the film was packaged in a vintage-looking Nike shoe box which included the film's DVD, a T-shirt and a pair of fat laces.

The "Give Us A Million Dollars" T-shirt used Run's boastful quote to Adidas, which resulted in the rap group becoming the first non-athletic entity ever to sign an endorsement deal with a sports company.

Press Quotes

Critically-acclaimed in media outlets such as Variety, NBC Morning News, GQ, Vibe Magazine, XXL, Slam and Ego Trip, the film has been likened to cult documentaries "Style Wars" and "Dogtown & Z-Boys," and held as a cult classic since its release.





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